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Warrior Mom. Wife. Writer. Passionate advocate for motherhood and mental health, self care and positive self image. Lover of tech, travel, books and entertainment.


  1. Donna Buettner says

    Cristi, I am so glad that you and John are close and communicate! I had commented on the other blog about how I did not talk with my first husband and lost that marriage. I wish I had a format like this to help me see that I was not alone! Keep up the good work and I wish you and John luck with you finding your inner sex kitten again soon! ; )

  2. laramark says

    I too continue to try and have great open communication with my husband. After our Kylie was born, it just seems that life totally revolves around her (if she could talk she would absolutely agree with that)and we too have lost our intimate lives together. As everyday passes it just seems like we are so busy with other things, someone is always sick in the house or Kylie doesn’t go to bed till 9:30 pm, and then we follow right behind her. We are not sure how to get back to “bk” / “before kylie”. Will it ever get back to the old days…I don’t think so, but we somehow need to try. Thanks for your story and Marissa’s.